Story Starters & New Writing

First let’s check out some story starters I wanted to share with you. Then, once we are done with that part I’ll have saved the best for last…

murder mystery

Murder Mystery:

It was openly apparent the dead woman would cause more trouble than she did in life.  Her flame red hair shimmered and flowed over the jetty, dipping cautiously into the cold water.  The worried noise from the crowd of onlookers rose like squawking gulls.  Police were already roping off the area and furiously scribbling notes with blunt pencils in their little black pads.

They didn’t notice him walk away.  Hunched shoulders and head down, Quentin was able to weave his way through the gardens and into his room at the Bed and Breakfast before he was called to answer any questions.  Once safely inside, he slid to the floor and allowed the bitter tears to carelessly soak his shirt.


Sci Fi:

The sand blew into the air spinning violently.  She took the cloth from her face just long enough to check her direction.  As she did the sand bit into her forehead leaving wild patterns of raised red welts. There was the tower, just a little farther.  The large hairy Dwoerf responded grudgingly to the kick on its side and quickened pace.

Triay Ishaa burrowed further into the saddle and forced herself to breath slowly and sparingly.  The howling in her ears was painful, and her legs cramped under the tight straps. As the Dwoerf drew close enough to the tower entrance, Triay Ishaa launched herself recklessly toward safety.

And now, without further ado, I present:

Soul Beautiful

For those of us who are thankfully past the age of ‘beauty is all important’ we can turn our attention to true beauty on the inside!  I can laugh now when I look back at the time in my early teens when my hair was too blonde, my boobs weren’t big enough, my arms were too hairy and my knees were knobbly!  It wasn’t so funny then though, I spent long hours adjusting my clothes to cover up what wasn’t ‘beautiful’ about my body.

So distressed by my hairy arms that I wore long sleeve shirts for an entire summer, sweltering under the scorching sun and afraid to show my body uncovered for fear of ridicule.  I was horrified when my Mother bought me a midi skirt instead of the white denim mini skirt I so needed to fit in and refused to speak to her for 2 weeks.  I started to hate everything about myself and spent hours in front of the mirror fixing eyebrows and carefully applying makeup in an effort to look beautiful.

I am pretty sure it was those horrible feelings of inadequacy that led me to stay with a man who abused me.  I didn’t think I was really beautiful enough to even find love, so it only stood to reason that if he wanted to beat me up, it was going to have to be ok.

The immense pressure of external beauty causes tremendous pain and conflict for any age group but particularly for our young people.  Parents take heed and work hard to instill the message deep into your children’s hearts.  The message that what is inside our heart matters way more than what is on the outside.   Inside we are all the same colour, experience all the same emotions and all long for love and acceptance.

You don’t need to spend your hard earned money on your external appearance.   Your life will be so much more fulfilling if instead you spend your precious time grooming a beautiful soul.

Chrissie XOX

“Dare to be Remarkable”

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