You think a writer would have no trouble writing about themselves? HA! It is a well known fact most writers are introverts.  Hence the somewhat isolated and solo profession choice.  Well, that may be an apt description of the hidden self I yet to meet, but the me I know so well is about as far from introverted as one can get!

To find me in a crowded room, you need only search for the girl on centre stage, dressed in the craziest outfit, the one telling all the jokes, or even the woman with blue hair! I have always loved to entertain and perform. I’m a people person, I love people and so far, people seem to enjoy my company. I have written and produced musical theatre,  sung and played keyboard/guitar in bands, danced and acted on stages, and written and recited poetry.  Anything creative or arty and I’m there!!! Painting, photography, sculpting, crochet, sewing, or jewellery making.  If it is creative, I have either done it or am planning on it. Here is a shot I took recently from near my home:

australia beach

So here I am at uuhumm… 50 something (how the hell did that happen?) living on the stunning east coast of Australia with my adorable, loving husband, kids all grown up and (mostly) flown the nest, enjoying good health, amazing country side, fabulous food, diversity of cultures and my 3 hairy kids. (2 dogs and 1 cat).  It doesn’t get much better than this!  All things considered, I’ve got it good.

You won’t be surprised to learn it was not always so.  Life’s myriad of interesting experiences have provided endless opportunities to mold into captivating tales.  Apart from completing my Diploma of Remedial Massage, I have mega time on my hands and am just ITCHING to spend it writing.  I want to open my mouth and allow the words to spew forth to form psychedelic, mind blowing creations.  Too graphic? Sorry, but it is all I can do to sit still at my desk while inside I am spinning with excitement at the works I will create!

Dear reader, I am so happy you can join me on this journey.  Thank you for being a part of my life (albeit as a digital entity) for without you I am truly lost!

“Dare to be Remarkable”

XOX Chrissie

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