No More

How can I show what is writhing within? The unknown entity breathing my air, Revolutions evolve in rhythmical wind, And drink the blood of soulless despair.   Shadows and pain never ending or ease, Mindless illusions of freedom are spent, Truth is compelling to know the disease, Bring me to ruin and heart will be … [Read more…]

Story Starters & New Writing

First let’s check out some story starters I wanted to share with you. Then, once we are done with that part I’ll have saved the best for last… Murder Mystery: It was openly apparent the dead woman would cause more trouble than she did in life.  Her flame red hair shimmered and flowed over the … [Read more…]

Novel Update! (Excited)

Chrissie Campbell is an inspiring and imaginative creative writer based on the beautiful East Coast of Australia. She has written poetry, short stories, theatre, and songs and is just completing an extraordinary supernatural love story “Final Whispers” which will be available May 2017. Chrissie also works as a publishing assistant to support other writers in … [Read more…]

Resignation – My Latest Musing

This is my third post, not including my about me page. This is an original piece of writing that I have and I look forwarding to sharing it with everybody. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. She stands on the rocks. There is no wind, there is no rain, there … [Read more…]